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Call for Nominations for the Annual SPA Awards
Deadline for submitting:
March 3, 2017

Any individual SPA member or SPA chapter as a whole may submit nominations to the Awards Committee. A nominee must be an SPA member, a member or affiliated with any SPA chapter, and be deemed worthy of an SPA award. Categories are listed below:

Cowin Award

Please see below for detailed descriptions and nomination forms. Please mail or email nominations to:

SPA Awards Co-Chairs:

Donna Smith
103 Amherst Drive
Butler, PA 16001
Landline: 724-283-0650
Cell: 724-841-4356


      Dr. John P. Nass, Jr.


Any individual SPA member, or SPA Chapter as a whole, may submit nominations in writing to the Awards Chairman of an SPA MEMBER, of any chapter, or an SPA member who is unaffiliated with any chapter, who is deemed worthy of an SPA award in the categories listed below:


The Life Time Achievement Award is a special award that is given during the dinner banquet at the SPA annual meeting. A nominee should have at least 25 years of outstanding service to archaeology in Pennsylvania and/or SPA, should have been a member of SPA for the same amount of time, and be an exemplary proponent of the purpose and objectives of SPA. Recipients can be professional archaeologists (or professionals in a closely related science), or avocational archaeologists who exhibit an outstanding record of contributions to the field of archaeology and to the SPA. The nominee must demonstrate a passionate dedication to archaeology in Pennsylvania and to the SPA, and work assiduously to promote archaeology and/or historic preservation in the Commonwealth through public outreach activities. The nominee should have inspired others to become involved in the SPA and in Pennsylvania archaeology, or serve as a mentor for students interested in a career in archaeology or a related field.

Previous Winner
W. Fred Kinsey III, 2017

Nomination Form

Past Recipients

The J. Alden Mason Award may be presented annually by the SPA to a professional archaeologist based upon his or her contribution to education and encouragement of SPA members in the proper pursuit of archaeology over an appreciable number of years. A professional in a related science who similarly assists SPA members may be considered for this award. The recipient of this award must be a member of the SPA (not just a local chapter) but not necessarily a resident of Pennsylvania. To be considered for this award a nominee must have a Masters degree or Ph. D. in Archaeology or a related science. The award is to be announced at the Annual Meeting. Recommendations are received by the State Awards Committee and nominations are then made by the Committee to the Board of Directors, who shall determine recipients by a two-thirds majority vote.

Nomination Form

Past Recipients

The Archey Award is given at the Annual SPA Meeting to members of the Society able to devote only spare time to their archaeological interests. It is given for some significant contribution (or contributions) over an appreciable period toward the unselfish furtherance of archaeology. The number of separate nominations, and the significance of the reasons are weighed in making the award. Any individual SPA member or Chapter as a whole, may make nominations in writing to the Awards Committee, of an SPA STATE member who is either a member of a local chapter or another chapter, or possibly unaffiliated with any chapter, and is deemed worthy of the Archey Award. Nominees must be State members not just local chapter members.

Nominee must be a member of SPA, not just a chapter. This award is presented to a non-professional who has given significant contributions, over an appreciable period of time, toward the unselfish furtherance of archaeology. The number of separate nominations and the significance of the reasons for the nomination are weighed in making the selection for this award.

The individualís contributions toward archaeology may be offices held; numbers and kinds of speaking engagements; published articles or reports; number and kinds of sites recorded and/or excavated; work with young people to acquaint them with archaeology, etc.

Nomination Form


This award is presented to the chapter of the SPA that recruited the most new SPA members or reinstated the highest number of delinquent SPA members since the previous SPA Annual.  A State member belongs to the SPA a not just their local chapter. This award is presented at the Annual State Meeting.

Previous Winner
Conejohela Chapter #28, 2017

Nomination Form

Past Recipients

The Shrader/George Youth Award may be presented annually by the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, to an individual SPA member who is 18 years old or younger, and is an example of the SPAís ideal of youth, whose character, accomplishments, and unselfish effort has furthered the cause of Pennsylvania archaeology. It is expected that any archaeological sites upon which the nominee has participated in archaeological investigations should be recorded and have a designated State site number, and that they should have experience recording such sites and properly cataloging artifacts from those sites. Upon receiving nominations, the Awards Committee selects recipients. If a nominee is found to be lacking the desirable criteria, the committee shall not bestow the award until the proper criteria are met.

Nomination Form


The Frances Dorrance Award is given to the Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology that has recorded the most new sites with the Pennsylvania Archaeology Site Survey at the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) within a calendar year. This award is presented at the Annual State Meeting. To be considered for the award, all you need to do is submit your site forms to the SHPO by sending them to the resource account: and including your Chapter number on the Administrative form.

Previous Winner
Westmoreland Chapter #23, 2017

 2015 James W. Hatch Scholarships

The Pennsylvania Archaeological Council (PAC), in cooperation with the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology (SPA), will again award scholarships to enable students of archaeology to attend the joint annual SPA/PAC meeting, April 10-12, 2015, in Fogelsville (Allentown), Pennsylvania. We anticipate that at least two such awards of $100 apiece will be made. We encourage all current college or high school students with a demonstrated interest in Pennsylvania archaeology and the activities of the SPA to apply, although preference will be given to students planning to present papers at the meeting. Applications, in the form of a brief letter of interest explaining the studentís background and qualifications for the award, should be sent by mail or e-mail by March 31, 2015 to Paul Raber at:

Paul Raber
Heberling Associates, Inc.
904 Main Street
PO Box 376
Alexandria, PA, 16611
(717) 935-2204

Previous Winners

Joe Blondino, Temple University

G. Travis Bercel, Slippery Rock University
Lisa M. Dugas, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Angela S. Jaillet, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Justin McKeel, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
Andrea Boon, IUP
Callista Holmes, IUP
Katherine Peresolak, IUP

Ryan Spittler, IUP
Lydia Dehaven, IUP

Stephanie Bowen, Lycoming
Sara Griggs, Lycoming
Kelsey Morgan, Juniata

2014 No Applicants

Angela Michele Goreczny, IUP

Ressa Elizabeth Throckmorton, CalU
David James Breitkreut, IUP
Casey Bleuel, Mercyhurst
Bram Kyer, Juniata
Cristine O'Brien, University of  Pittsburgh
Christopher Swisher
Eden VanTries
Zaakiyah Cua, IUP

 W. Fred Kinsey Scholarship

(Illustrations by Frederick Mayhew)

Calling All Students-

Win an SPA Membership, free food and money for your research!  

The Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology (SPA) for one year, a $150.00 award, and banquet costs for the annual SPA meeting. Students currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree are eligible to apply for the W. Fred Kinsey Meeting Scholarship. 

Students currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree are eligible to apply for the W. Fred Kinsey Meeting Scholarship. Eligibility is dependent on a complete, single-author paper with PowerPoint slides (if appropriate) to be presented at the annual meeting of The Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology. Student presentations must be accepted by the program chair for the SPA annual meeting to qualify. Papers should focus on topics relevant to Pennsylvania archaeology. Award of the Scholarship requires submission of the completed paper by a single author, in an electronic format (Word or WordPerfect) to the Program Chair by the regular submission deadline date for papers as set by the Program Chair. The Program Chair Person this year is Ken Burkett ( , submission deadline for abstracts is March 17, 2018. Selection of the winning paper is decided by committee review and will be based on quality of original research, presentation, and appeal to the avocational and professional archaeology community. The committee consists of at least three members of the Society, one from staff of the PHMC and one member from the education committee of the Society. More information can be found at 

The W. Fred Kinsey Scholarship was created in 2009 to encourage students to participate at the annual meetings of the Society by presenting scholarly research in a friendly, professional atmosphere. Dr. Kinsey was a curator with the former William Penn Memorial Museum, now The State Museum, before going to Franklin and Marshall College and The North Museum from the early 60ís thru the mid 1980ís. He made significant contributions to the archaeological record and mentored many students who went on to become noteworthy archaeologists on their own merits. 

Presentation of the award will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology on April 6-8, 2018 in Dubois, Pennsylvania. The selected paper will be submitted for review to the editor of the journal Pennsylvania Archaeologist for possible publication. The editor of the journal will make the final decision on publication. Donations are encouraged to support the W. Fred Kinsey Scholarship fund. In addition to the monetary award and publication assistance, one year of membership in the Society is included in the award. Questions regarding this scholarship may be directed to Janet Johnson, Curator of Archaeology at the State Museum of Pennsylvania

Our previous winners:

  • Jonathon R. Libbon -2011.Grad Student at IUP- Published in Fall 2012 issue of PA journal
  • Jennifer Rankin-2012- Grad Student at Temple-Publishing this year.
  • Stacie Riggin-2012- undergrad at California University
  • Morgan Rouscher - 2013. Gettysburg College
  • Justin D. McKeel - 2014. University of Wyoming
  • Angela Goreczny - 2015. undergrad at Clarion University
  • Hannah E. Charlton - 2015. Graduate student, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Submitted for publication in 2016)
    Casey Bleuel - 2017, Mercyhurst



Nomination Form and Instructions
C-14 Award Chair:
Dr. Bernard K. Means
1205 Littlepage Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Cowin Award

Long description
Nomination Form and Instructions

Donations to the Cowin Award



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