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Rock Art of the Upper Ohio Valley
by James L. Swauger

On CD-ROM in PDF format for use with Adobe Reader
Copyright 1974 Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, Graz, Austria.
Reproduced with permission.  Digitization and CD production by AKF, Inc., Pittsburgh.

In 1974, James L. Swauger published the landmark book Rock Art of the Upper Ohio, which still stands today as the most comprehensive study of Native American petroglyphs in this area.  Since the book had a limited print run and was produced in Austria, it was difficult to obtain in the United States, even when it first appeared.  I therefore considered it a rare opportunity when I purchased a copy in mint condition at a recent Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology meeting.  I then launched an effort to digitize this copy so that future researchers would be able to access Swauger’s work more easily.  Although the enclosed CD doesn’t match the grandeur of the original 10 ¾” x 14 ¼” hardcover version (printed in black and white), the information and images are captured for your benefit.  All proceeds from the sale of this CD benefit the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology.              Bill Tippins, Editor, Pennsylvania Archaeologist

Erratum:  Plate 50 was scanned incompletely.  The correction can be found at the SPA Website:

PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 69 1999


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Prehistoric Occupations at Fishbasket Kenneth Burkett 1-100 1
Two Artifact Caches from the Blawnox Site, 36AL19 Richard George 1-14 2
Monongahela Mortuary Practices in Somerset County, Pennsylvania: Observations and Implications Bernard Means 15-44 2
Hands Washed in a Muddy Stream: Corrections and Further Thoughts on "Wyoming Valley Landscape Evolution..." Donald Thieme 45-52 2
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILE NO. 16 Jay Custer 53-60 2
Artifact   67-70 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 68 1998


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Porcupine Quill working Tools on Monongahela Sites? Ethnology, Evidence and Implication Donna L. George and Richard L. George 1-14 1
A Miniature Ball-Headed Club in the Vatican Museum Marshall J. Becker 15-33 1
Hannah Freeman's Baskets Jay F. Custer 34-46 1
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILE NO. 14: Daniel Garrison Brinton, America's First Professor of Anthropology, Part 2 Jay F. Custer 47-53 1
Artifact   54-55 1
Awards   56 1
Wyoming Valley Landscape Evolution and the Emergence of the Wyoming Valley Culture Donald M. Thieme and Joseph Schuldenrein 1-17 2
An Examination of the Bead Hill Site in the Wyoming Valley Gary D. Shaffer 18-41 2
The Early Archaic Period in Pennsylvania Kurt W. Carr 42-69 2
Pennsylvania Profile No. 15: Daniel Garrison Brinton, America's First Professor of Anthropology Part III: Archaeology, Race, and Culture Jay F. Custer 70-75 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 67 1997


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
McFate Symposium Papers Richard L. George 1-3 1
The McFate Site and Late Woodland Settlement and Subsistence in French Creek Valley, Northwestern Pennsylvania Carl K. Burkett, Jr. and Richard K. Cunningham 5-20 1
The Smith Site: The Chautauqua-McFate Culture in the Upper Allegheny River Valley in Southwestern New York Kelly M. Lounsberry 21-34 1
McFate Artifacts in a Monongahela Context: McJunkin, Johnston, and Squirrel Hill Richard L. George 35-44 1
An Examination of Late Prehistoric McFate Trail Locations Andrew J. Myers 45-53 1
BOOK REVIEW: Exploring Ancient Native America. David Hurst Thomas. Verna Cowin 54 1
Excavation of the Little Kiln Site (36ME226), Mercer County, Pennsylvania Barbara J. Gundy 1-40 2
Archaic Manifestations of the Weikert Site and the Middle Creek Valley, Adams County, Pennsylvania. Louis S. Morgan, M.D 41-66 2
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILE NO. 13--Daniel Garrison Brinton, America's First Professor of Anthropology, Part l. Jay F. Custer 67-75 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 66 1996


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
A Summary of Phase III Data Recovery Excavations at the West Water Street Site (36CN175), Lock Haven , Clinton County, Pennsylvania Jay F. Custer, Scott C. Watson, and Daniel N. Bailey 1-53 1
Preliminary Findings at the Wolf Creek Site (36BT82), Butler County, Pennsylvania Esther R. Skirboll and Roger W. Hanson 54-67 1
The Sumneytown (36MG26) and Dietz Mill (36MG20) Rockshelters William Strohmeier 68-73 1
The Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 1879-1918. Linda F. Witmer. Carole E. Ebright 74-75 1
Artifacts   76-77 1
Piney Island and the Archaic of Southeastern Pennsylvania Barry C. Kent 1-42 2
A Revolutionary War Burial Ground in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Mark Shaffer and Dorothy A. Humpf 43-52 2
The Winters Knuckles Site and the Mystery House on the Youghiogeny Richard L. George 53-70 2
The Passenger Pigeon: A Seasonal Native American Food Source John B. Orlandini 71-77 2
Artifact   78 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 65 1995


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Prehistoric Settlement and Resource Use in the Aughwick Creek Valley and Adjoining Areas of Central Pennsylvania Paul A. Raber 1-18 1
Data Recovery Excavations at the Slackwater Site (36LA207), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Jay F. Custer, Angela Hoseth, Dawn Cheshaek, Mara Guttman,and Karen Iplenski 19-112 1
MEMORIAL: C.A.Weslager & Vincent R.Mrozoski   113-117 1
Biological Indicators of Diet in Monongahela Populations Paul W. Sciulli 1-18 2
Archaeological Investigations in Knox County, Ohio: The Acton Site (33KN345) P. Nick Kardulias, Joseph L. Rife, Eric A. Eggers, Heather L. Gayheart, and Andrew W. Kindon 19-40 2
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILE NO. 12: An Unusual Indian Land Claim from Lancaster County Jay F. Custer 41-47 2
Artifact   48 2
The Red Record, the Wallam Olum: the Oldest Native North American History, David McCutchen Herbert C. Kraft 49-51 2
TEN YEAR INDEX: Pennsylvania Archaeologist 1980-1989   55-75 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 64 1994


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
A Tribute to John Witthoft Barry C. Kent 1-2 1
Introduction Daniel G. Roberts 3-4 1
WPA Archaeology in Somerset County Richard L. George 5-10 1
The Upper Ohio Valley Archaeological Survey of the Early 1950s-and the Years Before James L. Swauger 11-17 1
Bits and Pieces: The Search for Greenwood Furnace Paul M. Heberling 18-27 1
Excavations at the Sheep Rock Shelter (36HU1): An Historical Review Joseph W. Michels 28-40 1
A Trip Down Memory Lane: Digging Along the Delaware, 1964 to 1974 W. Fred Kinsey, III 41-51 1
Archaeology at Independence National Historical Park John L. Cotter 52-64 1
The Direct Historical Approach to Lenape Archaeology John Witthoft 65-69 1
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILE NO. 10 Jay F. Custer 70-76 1
Awards   77-80 1
Artifact   81-82 1
Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and the Last Thirty-five Years James L. Swauger 1-6 2
Archaeological Investigations at the Mon City Site (36WH737), Washington County, Pennsylvania John P. Hart 7-39 2
An Analysis of the Faunal Assemblage from the Mon City Site (36WH737) Flora Church 40-53 2
Revisiting the Monongahela Linguistic/Cultural Affiliation Mystery Richard L. George 54-59 2
Geoarchaeology, Landscape Formation, and Site Identification: A Case Study in Modern Cultural Activities and Prehistoric Site Disturbance
Robert P. Wheelersburg
60-85 2
Memorial: Henry W.Heisey 1911-1992   86-88 2
Pennsylvania Profile No. 11: Henry Deisher Collecting Indian Artifacts in Eastern Pennsylvania in the
Early Twentieth Century, Part II
Jay F. Custer 89-83 2
BOOK REVIEW: Analyzing and Interpreting Late Woodland Features, Roger W. Moeller. William S. Dancey 94-96 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 63 1993


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Editors Note Denise L. Grantz iii 1
An Unusual Feature Type from the Chartiers Valley Ronald W. Eisert 1-9 1
Archaeological Investigations at The Pidcock Sites, Bucks County, Pennsylvania Stephen W. Tull 10-49 1
Ground Stone Artifacts from the Snyder Site (28WA528), Warren County, New Jersey Doris A. Freyermuth 50-52 1
Spearthrower Weights from the Miga Site (36NM33), Northampton County, Pennsylvania F. Dayton Staats 53-55 1
Schmick's Mahican Dictionary, Carl Masthay, editor Ives Goddard 56-58 1
Artifacts   59-62 1
A Stemmed Point Cache from the Snyder Site, Warren County, New Jersey James T. Adams and Thomas E. Adams 1-6 2
The Portman Site (36AL40) William E. Buker 7-52 2
Terminal Late Archaic Mortuary Practices at Kirian-Treglia (33AL39) Paul W. Sciulli, Ray Schuck and Myra J. Geisen 53-63 2
Lenape Shelters: Possible Examples from the Contact Period Marshall J. Becker 64-76 2
Excavation of a Shenks Ferry Habitation Complex on Canfield Island, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania (36LY251) James P. Bressler 77-89 2
BOOK REVIEW: The Buried Past: An Archaeological History of Philadelphia, John L. Cotter, Daniel G .Roberts, and Michael Parrington, with the assistance of Sarah S. Evans. Charles H. LeeDecker 90-92 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 62 1992


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Susquehannock Trade Northward to New France Prior to A.D. 1608: A Popular Misconception James F. Pendergast 1-11 1
Analysis of Late Archaic Quartzite Industries from the Long Site
and Other Sites of the Middle Atlantic Piedmont
Jay F. Custer 12-47 1

Markings on Bone Artifacts from the Bell Site (36CD31C): Notches, Scratches, and Cross-hatches
Harry A. Matlack 48-52 1
A Supplementary Report on the Late Woodland Ceramics from the Overpeck Site (36BU5) Doris A. Freyermuth and F. Dayton Staats 53-61 1
Early Late Woodland in Western Pennsylvania; the Backstrom Side Notched Point Eviden Richard L. George 62-72 1
A Pewter Effigy Pipe From Pennsylvania In the Collections of The University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University
of Pennsylvania
David A. Anderson 73-78 1
Native American Rock Art in the Eastern United States James L. Swauger 79-91 1
Artifact   92-93 1
Editorial Ronald L. Michael iii-iv 2
The Middle Woodland Occupation of the Sewickley Creek-Youghiogheny River Area and the Hopewell Interaction Sphere Richard L. George 1-44 2
An Archaeobotanical Study of Fort Ancient Subsistence in Southwestern Ohio: the State Line Site Robert P. Wheelersburg 45-65 2
Development of the McFate Culture of Northcentral Pennsylvania: The Monongahela-Shenks Ferry Connection Harry A. Matlack 66-73 2
BOOK REVIEW: The Massawomeck: Raiders and Traders into the Chesapeake Bay in the Seventeenth Century, James F. Pendergast Richard L. George 74-79 2
BOOK REVIEW:  Early and Middle Archaic Research in Virginia: A Synthesis, Theodore R. Reinhart and Mary Ellen N . Hodges, editors Charles W. McNett, Jr. 74-79 2
SPA Officers and Awards 1930-1992   81-84 2
Artifacts   85-92 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 61 1991


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
The Tioga Point Farm Sites 36BR3 and 36BR52: 1983 Excavations Charles L. Lucy 1-18 1
Archaeology of the Lower Black's Eddy Site, Bucks County, Pennsylvania: A Preliminary Report Joseph Schuldenrein , Robert G. Kingsley, James A. Robertson, Linda Scott-Cummings and Daniel R. Hayes 19-75 1
The Spangler Site and the Youghiogheny River Site Cluster: Susquehanna Broadspears in the Upper Ohio Valley Richard L. George 76-87 1
Further on the Cannelton "Sun God," 36BV146 James L. Swauger 88-89 1
Artifact   90 1
BOOK REVIEW: Prehistoric Man on Canfield Island (36LY37) Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, James P. Bressler Herbert C. Kraft 91-92 1
A Small Tocks Island Component at the Snyder Site, Warren County, New Jersey James T. Adams and Thomas E. Adams 1-5 2
The Perkiomenville Rockshelters William Strohmeier 6-17 2
Historical Archaeology in Pennsylvania During the Depression Rebecca Allen 18-30 2
Clemson Island Pottery in the Delaware Valley F. Dayton Staats 31-36 2
A Middle Woodland Settlement in Central Ohio: A Preliminary Report on the Murphy Site (33LI212) William S. Dancey 37-72 2
The Stature of A Susquehannock Population of the Mid-16th Century Based on Skeletal Remains from 46HM73 Marshall Joseph Becker 73-88 2
Pennsylvania Profile No. 9. Gender in Archaeology Jay Custer 89-93 2
BOOK REVIEW: Prehistoric Projectile Points: Appalachian Mountains-Atlantic Coast, North America, Don W. Dragoo. F. Dayton Staats 94-97 2
BOOK REVIEW: A Small History of the Forgotten and the Never Known, William M. Gardner and Joan M. Walker. Marshall Joseph Becker 94-97 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 60 1990


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Airport II Site: A Clemson Island/Owasco Settlement on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River No.1 Francis D. Garrahan 1-31 1
Archaeology at the Howarth-Nelson Site (36 FA40), Fayette County, Pennsylvania  ].M. Adovasio, K.]. Shaunessy, W.C. Johnson, W.P. Athens, A.T . Boldurian, R.C. Carlisle,D .C. Dirkmaat,]. Donahue,D .R. Fedler, and E .J. Siemon III 32-68 1
Late Woodland Notched Disks of the Upper Delaware Valley
F. Dayton Staats 69-76 1
Aftermath: Whatever Happened To A Major Early Woodland Cache From Ohio? Olaf H. Prufer 77-78 1
Clemson's Island Studies in Pennsylvania: A Perspective Michael Stewart 79-107 1 xxxxx
Artifact   108-109 1
BOOK REVIEW: Projectile Point Typology for Pennsylvania and the Northeast, Gary L. Fogelman Ronald W. Eisert 110-112 1
BOOK REVIEW:  Paleoindian Research in Virginia: A Synthesis, edited by J. Mark Wittkofski and Theodore R. Reinhart Richard Michael Gramly 110-112 1
Ceramics from an Iron Makers' Cabin (1816-1820), Muskingum County, Ohio Jeff Carskadden, James Morton, and Richard Gartley 1-31 2
A Petroglyph Researcher's Manifesto James L. Swauger 32-39 2
The Household Site: Results of a Partial Excavation of a Late Monongahela Village in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Richard L. George, Jay Babish and Christine E. Davis 40-70 2
Safe Harbor Petroglyphs-Carved by the Shawnee? Gregory A. Inskip 71-74 2
Pennsylvania Profile No. 8: Wilton Marion Krogman (June 28,1903 - November 4, 1987) Jay F. Custer 75-78 2
Artifact   79-81 2
BOOK REVIEW: Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of the Midcontinental and Eastern United States: A Modern Survey and Reference, Noel D.  Justice James L. Murphy 82-89 2
BOOK REVIEW:Age and Cultural Affiliation of Raccoon Notched Point Varieties in Western Pennsylvania and Western New York, Stanley W. Lantz Mark F. Seeman 82-89 2
BOOK REVIEW: Prehistoric Cultures of the Delmarva Peninsula, Jay F. Custer. Michael Stewart 82-89 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 59 1989


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Household Archaeology and Functional Analysis As Procedures For Studying Fort Ancient Communities in the Ohio Valley John Naas, Jr . 1-13 1
Analysis of a Radiocarbon Date From the Blackman Site, an Early Susquehannock Village in Bradford County Pennsylvania Richard F. McCracken and Charles L. Lucy
14-18 1
Prehistoric Site Locations on the Unglaciated Appalachian Plateau
Michael Stewart and Judson Kratzer 19-36 1
Analysis of the Skeletal Sample from the Scioto County Homes Site Paul W. Sciulli, Ann Alexis and A. Joanne Curtin 37-54 1
MEMORIALS: Catherine J. McCann & Don W. Dragoo   55-69 1
The Shoop Conundrum Roger W. Moeller 70-77 1
Artifact   78-79 1
BOOK REVIEW: The Walnut Street Prison Workshop: A Test Study in Historical Achaeology Based on Field Investigation in the Garden Area of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, John L. Cotter, Roger W. Moss, Bruce C. Gill, and Jiyul Kim Daniel G. Roberts 80-82 1
BOOK REVIEW: Indian Paths of Pennsylvania, Paul A. W. Wallace James P. Bressler 80-82 1
The Trojan Site (36BR149): A Preliminary Report on a Paleo Indian Manifestation in Bradford County, Pennsylvania Richard J. McCracken 1-21 2
A Major Quarry-Workshop Site Near Cherry Valley, New York Robert E. Funk, Beth Wellman and Rebecca Elliott 22-45 2
A Study of Six Early/Middle Woodland Sites in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Hettie L. Ballweber 46-99 2
BOOK REVIEW: The Rise and Fall of New Sweden: Governor Johan Risingh's Journal 1654-1655 in Its Historical Context, Stellan Dahlgren and Hans Norman. Marshall Joseph Becker 100-104 2
BOOK REVIEW: The Adams and Culbertson Sites, Charles F. Wray Series in Seneca Archaeology, Volume I, Charles F. Wray, Martha L. Sempowski, Lorraine P. Saunders, and Gian Carlo Cervone Jay F. Custer 100-104 2
BOOK REVIEW: The First People of Maryland, Hettie Boyce-Ballweber. Laurie Weinstein-Farson 100-104 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 58 1988


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
The Rich Hill Rockshelter, 36BU35 William Strohmeier 1-6 1
Prehistoric Utilization of Ironstone in the Central Middle Atlantic H. Henry Ward 7-25 1
Alternative Uses of the Stone Celt F. Dayton Staats 26-29 1
Lithic Scatter Sites of the Piedmont Zone of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware Jay F. Custer 30-42 1
Native Settlements in the Forks of Delaware, Pennsylvania, in the 18th Century: Archaeological Implications Marshall Becker 43-60 1
A Late Woodland Jar from Stanhope Cave, Jackson County, Ohio Mark F. Seeman and Olaf H. Prufer 61-68 1
MEMORIAL-Elmer T.Erb W. Thomas Waters 69-70 1
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILE-Henry Chapman Mercer- Technology and Culture Jay F. Custer and Keith R. Doms 71-75 1
Artifact   76-77 1
BOOK REVIEW: The Lenape: Archaeology, History and Ethnography, Herbert C. Kraft Howard A. MacCord, Sr. 78-82 1
BOOK REVIEW: The Smithsonian Book of North American Indians Before the Coming of the Europeans, Philip Kopper. William A. Turnbaugh 78-82 1
A Reference for Pennsylvania Radiocarbon Dates James T. Herbstritt 1-29 2
An Intact Owasco Vessel from Carbon County, Pennsylvania Donald Kline & F. Dayton Staats 30-32 2
Steatite Quarries of Northeastern Maryland and Southeastern Pennsylvania: An Analysis of Quarry Technology H. Henry Ward &Jay F. Custer 33-49 2
A Bannerstone from Pennsbury Manor, Pennsylvania (36BU19): Mineralogical Analysis and Implications for Comparative Studies Marshall Joseph Becker 50-56 2
Memorial: Philip Rowland Jack (1925 -1985)   57-60 2
Pennsylvania Profile No. 6 Henry Pratt and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School Jay F. Custe 61-65 2
BOOK REVIEW: Wampum, War, and Trade Goods, West of the Hudson, Gilbert W. Hagerty Peter P. Pratt 67-72 2
BOOK REVIEW: A Key into the Language of Woodsplint Baskets, edited by Ann McMullen and Russell Handsman. Harald E. L. Prins 67-72 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 57 1987


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
The History and Archaeology of Immanuel Episcopal Church, New Castle, Delaware Daniel G. Roberts 1-33 1
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILE-Cultural Ecology and Archaeology in the Middle Atlantic: ARE PEOPLE REALLY MORE THAN WHAT THEY EAT Jay F. Custer 47-51 1
Artifact   52 1
BOOK REVIEW: The Ceramics from the Kramer Village Site (33Ro33), Ross County, Ohio, Kyle L. Ullman, in collaboration with Oriol Pi-Sunyer.

Richard L. George 

53-59 1
BOOK REVIEW: The History and Culture of Iroquois Diplomacy, Francis Jennings (ed.), with William N . Fenton, Mary A. Druke, and David R. Miller

Martha L. Sempowski

53-59  1
BOOK REVIEW: Cultures in Contact: The European Impact on Native Cultural Institutions in Eastern North America, A . D. 1000-1800, edited and with commentary by William W. Fitzhugh.

Charles E. Hunter

53-59  1
BOOK REVIEW: The Archaic of Northeastern Ohio, Olaf H .Prufer and Dana A . Long. Richard J. McCracken 53-59 1
Cultural Manifestations at the Friendsville Site in Garrett County, Maryland Hettie Boyce-Ballweber 1-77 2
MEMORIALS: Charles Foster Wray

Charles L. Lucy

78 2
MEMORIALS: Gerald B. Fenstermaker Barry C . Ken 79-80 2
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILE-Cultural Ecology and Archaeology in the Middle Atlantic

Jay F. Custer

81-84 2
BOOK REVIEW: Spirit of the New England Tribes: Indian History and Folklore, 1620-1984, William S. Simmons.

 William  A. Turnbaugh

85-89 2
BOOK REVIEW: Late Woodland Cultures of the Middle Atlantic Region, edited by Jay F. Custer.  Charles E. Hunter 85-89 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 56 1986


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Experimentation with the "Fire-Hardening" of Wood Stephen G. Warfel 1-11 1-2
A Dated Brewerton Component In Armstrong County, Pennsylvania Richard L. George and Christine E. Davis 12-20 1-2
Dental Caries and Horticulture in Prehistoric Ohio Paul W. Sciulli and Kim N. Schneider 21-28 1-2
Fort Ancient and the Persistence of Blade-Core Industries James A. Robertson 29-36 1-2
Function of the Perkiomen Broad Point: Another Point of View F. Dayton Staats 37-41 1-2
An Assessment of Contract Archaeological Research in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1975-1985 Jay F. Custer 42-51 1-2
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILES-The Henry du Pont and Lammot du Pont Indian Artifact Collections of Pennsylvania and Delaware . Jay Custer 52-58 1-2
BOOK REVIEW: The Lenape Indian: A Symposium, edited by Herbert C. Kraft. C. A. Weslager 59-61 1-2
Archaeological Investigation of the Crawford-Grist Site #2 (36FA262): An Early Woodland Hamlet Denise L. Grantz 1-21 3-4
Archaeometric Analysis of Materials from the Lancaster County Park Site (36LA96) Jay F. Custer, Janice H. Carlson and Keith R. Doms 22-24 3-4
Salvage of the Gray Site, Warren County, New Jersey F. Dayton Staats 25-34 3-4
A Clemson's Island Vessel from Bedford County, Pennsylvania Richard L. George 35-38 3-4
Analysis of Paleo Indian Components from 36LA336, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Glen R. Smoker and Jay F. Custer 39-47 3-4
CHAPTER CONTRIBUTIONS-Burial #6, Hartley Site (36GR23) Jean 0. Zimmerman and James D. Randolph 48-49 3-4
Memorial-William A. Hunter   50-51 3-4
PENNSYLVANIA PROFILES-The Susquehanna River Expedition of 1916 Jay F. Custer 52-56 3-4
Artifact   57-62 3-4
BOOK REVIEW: How To Collect North American Indian Artifacts, Robert F. Brand

Daniel G. Roberts

63-69 3-4
BOOK REVIEW: Susquelumna's Indians, Barry C. Kent.

William A. Turnbaugh

63-69 3-4
BOOK REVIEW: Petroglyphs of Ohio, James L. Swauger.

Mark F. Seeman

63-69 3-4
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 55 1985


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
The Muddy Run Rockshelter Elwood C. Walbert & Dennis McGill 1-4 1-2
Blackman Site (36BR83): A Proto- Susquehannock Village Charles L. Lucy and Richard J. McCracken 5-29 1-2
Birds of a Feather: Some Historic Petroglyphs in Southeastern Ohio James L. Murphy 30-33 1-2
Proton Magnetometer Testing at Bushy Run Battlefield,36WM598 Judy Bartlow and Doug Plance 34-35 1-2
A Possible Association of a Clovis- Like Fluted Projectile Point with a Quaternary Pebble Chert
Source in Camden County, New Jersey
Anthony T. Boldurian, Philip T. Fitzgibbons and Frank J. Vento 36-41 1-2
Test Excavations at the Webb Site (36CH51) Chester County, Pennsylvania Jay F. Custer 42-53 1-2
Archaeological Site Survey and Recording in Pennsylvania Barry C. Kent, Stephen G. Warfel and Kurt W. Carr 54-56 1-2
BOOK REVIEW: The Blue Marsh Lake Project: Archaeological Studies of the Late Archaic in the Pennsylvania Piedmont, Volume I, by Pandora E. Snethkamp, Carol A. Ebright, and Jeffery B. Serena Jay F. Custer 57-62 1-2
BOOK REVIEW: The Nanticoke Indians-Past and Present, C. A. Weslager Herbert C. Kraft 57-62 1-2
BOOK REVIEW: Prehistoric Artifacts of the Schuylkill Valley, Robert J. Millar (editor) Ricki L. Maitta 57-62 1-2

A Plan For The Management  Of Archaeological  Resources In Northern Chester County

Harry J.  Tucci

63-66 1-2
Artifact   67-69 1-2
A Crested Blackstone Pipe from Bucks County, Pennsylvania Marshall Becker 1-4 3
Late Woodland Ceramics of Delaware: Implications for the Late Prehistoric Archaeology of Northeastern North America. Daniel R. Griffith and Jay F. Custer 5-20 3
The Novak Site: A Late Woodland Upland Monongahela Village Hettie L. Boyce 21-49 3
Chapter Contributions   50-54 3
Artifact   55 3
A Late Prehistoric Analog for "Cuspidiform" Petroglyphs James L. Murphy and Jeff Carskadden 1-3 4
Two Bucks County Rockshelters William Strohmeier 4-11 4
Preliminary Investigation of the Ashmore Farm Site (36WH675) Ronald W. Eisert and Hettie L. Boyce 12-29 4
Preliminary Investigations at the Mitchell Farm Site (7NC-A2), New Castle County, Delaware Jay F. Custer and Colleen DeSantis 30-40 4
BOOK REVIEW: Living the Sky, The Cosmos of the American Indian, Ray A . Williamson. William A. Turnbaugh 47-50 4
BOOK REVIEW: Delaware Prehistoric Archaeology: An Ecological Approach, Jay F . Custer. Richard J. Dent 47-50 4
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 54 1984


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
A Mortuary Pattern for Monongahela Christine E. Davis 3-11 1-2
Spruce Run, a Spring-head Camp Site in. Somerset County, Pennsylvania Richard L. George 12-25 1-2
Archaeological Goals and Methods and Monongahela Systematics William P. McHugh 26-31 1-2
Structural Features of the Donley Site Ronald W. Eisert 32-39 1-2
The Eastern Periphery of Fort Ancient Jeffrey R. Graybill 40-50 1-2
The Significance of Cordage Attributes in the Analysis of Woodland Pottery Robert F. Maslowski 51-60 1-2
Investigations at Belldina's Bottoms (Site 46MG75A), Monongahela- County, West Virginia Beverly A Mitchum 61-70 1-2
Chapter Contribution   71-77 1-2
BOOK REVIEW:  Megalithomania, John Michell. James L. Swauger 78-79 1-2
BOOK REVIEW:  HOPI, Susanne and Jake Page Dave Kohler 78-79 1-2
Artifact   80 1-2
The Demise of the Susquehannocks: A 17th Century Mystery Elisabeth Tooker 4-10 3-4
Form and Function of the Perkiomen Broadpoint Robert A. Dunn 11-18 3-4
The Paleoecology of the Late Archaic: Exchange and Adaption Jay F. Custer 32-47 3-4
BOOK REVIEWS: Ancient North Americans, Edited by Jesse D. Jennings

Marshall Joseph Becker

48-56 3-4
BOOK REVIEWS: Indians in Pennsylvania, Paul A. W. Wallace

C.  A.  Weslager

48-56 3-4
BOOK REVIEWS: Canfield Island Through the Ages, James P. Bressler, Ricki Maietta and Karen Rocky

Verna L.  Cowin

48-56 3-4
BOOK REVIEWS: The Origin of Ancient American Cultures, Paul Shao

W.  Fred Kinsey, III

48-56 3-4
BOOK REVIEWS: Inua: Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskino, William W. Fitzhugh and Susan Kaplan.

R. Alan Mounier

48-56 3-4
Artifact   61-62 3-4
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 53 1983


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Redstone Old Fort (36F AS): A Hilltop Monongahela Site Ronald L. Michael 1-10 1-2
A Stratigraphic Analysis of Late Woodland Material Culture Change at Fisher Farm  James W. Hatch & Katharine L. Koontz 11-27 1-2
A Preliminary Replicative Analysis of Teshoa Flake Production Daniel G. Roberts and Mark B. Sant 28-41 1-2
The Williams (33W07a) Red Ocher Cemetery: Preliminary Investigation of Stature Paul W. Sciulli, Leonard R. Piotrowski and Bruce W. Aument 42-46 1-2
Glass Trade Beads from Waterford, New York Charles Fisher and Karen Hartgen 47-52 1-2
BOOK REVIEWS: Tunica Treasure, Jeffrey P. Brain. William A. Turnbaugh 53-57 1-2
BOOK REVIEWS:  Burr's Hill: 17th Century Wampanoag Burial Ground in Warren , Rhode Island, edited by Susan G. Gibson. William A. Turnbaugh 53-57  1-2
BOOK REVIEWS: Kent State Research Papers in Archeology: Number I James L. Murphy 53-57  1-2
Artifacts   58-61 1-2
The Wells Site, Asylum Township, Bradford County Charles L. Lucy & Catherine McCann 1-12 3
The Walters Rockshelter:36MR42 Donald Kline & F. Dayton Staats 13-16 3
A Susquehanna Indian Town on the Schuylkill Charles E. Hunter 17-18 3
The History and Archaeology of Philadelphia Roads, Streets, and Utility Lines Michael Parrington 19-31 3
The Monroe Collection From Barcelona Harbor, New York: An Archaeological Evaluation Charles C. Kolb 32-45 3
BOOK REVIEW: A Survey of Artifact Collections from the Patuxent River Drainage, Maryland, Laurie Cameron Steponaitis Jay F. Custer 46-50 3
BOOK REVIEW: Hau, Kola 1, Barbara A. Hail. W. Fred Kinsey, III 46-50 3
BOOK REVIEW:The Archeological Investigation of a Fort Ancient Community near Ohio Brush Creek, Adams County, Ohio. David S. Brose. Jeffrey R. Graybill 46-50 3
Artifact   51-52 3
The Gnagey Site and the Monongahela Occupation of the Somerset Plateau Richard L. George 1-97 4
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 52 1982


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Fifty Years of the Pennsylvania Archaeologist; 1930-1979: An Index James L. Swauger and Helen P. Swauger 1-89 1-2
Patterns of Hollow Exploitation Along the Allegheny Front, Center County, Pennsylvania ... Christopher M. Stevenson 1-16 3-4
The Williams (33W07a) Red Ocher Cemetery: Preliminary Descriptive and Comparative Analysis of Acquired Dental Pathology Paul W. Sciulli, Bruce W. Aument and Leonard R. Piotrowski 17-24 3-4
Lancaster County Park Site (36LA96): Conestoga Phase W. Fred Kinsey, III and Jay F. Custer 25-56 3-4
Multidisciplinary Research in the Northeast: One View from Meadowcroft Rockshelter J. M. Adovasio 57-68 3-4
BOOK REVIEW: Discovering Pennsylvania's Archaeological Heritage, Barry C. Kent. James P. Bressler 69-73 3-4
BOOK REVIEW: The Fisher Farm Site: A Late Woodland Hamlet in Context. James W. Hatch Jeffrey R. Graybill 69-73 3-4
BOOK REVIEW: 6LF2 1 : A Paleo-Indian Site In Western Connecticut, Roger W. Moeller. R. Michael Stewart 69-73 3-4
BOOK REVIEW: The Archaeology of New York State, William A. Ritchie R. Alan Mounier 69-73 3-4
Artifact   74-75 3-4
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 51 1981


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Petroglyphs, Tar Burner Rocks, and Lye Leaching Stones James L. Swauger 1-7 1-2
A Shenks Ferry Vessel from the Upper Bald Eagle Drainage James W. Hatch 8-10 1-2
The Wylie Site (36WH274) Ronald W. Eisert 11-62 1-2
The Appearance of Cultigens in the Upper Ohio Valley: A View from Meadowcroft Rockshelter J. M . Adovasio & W. C . Johnson 63-80 1-2
BOOK REVIEW: Exploration of an Early Adena Mound at Willow Island, West Virginia. Reports of Archeological Investigations No. 7. E. Thomas Hemmings Robert F. Maslowski 81 1-2
Artifacts   82-84 1-2
Bonnie Brook: A Multicomponent Aborginal Locus In West-Central Pennsylvania James T. Herbstritt ,With Appendices by Leonard W. Blake, Cathy Carter, and Dennis C. Dirkmaat 1-59 3
The Campbell Site: A Monongahela Village Ronald L. Michael 60-61 3
BOOK REVIEW: A Complete Field Manual of Archaeology: Tools and Techniques of Field Work for Archaeologists. Martha Joukowsky. Charles C. Kolb 62-63 3
Artifacts   64 3
A Map of 18th Century Indian Towns in Pennsylvania Barry C. Kent, Janet Rice, and Kakuko Ota 1-18 4
The Fisher Site (36GR21): Drew Phase Monongahela Ronald L. Michael and Denise L. Grantz 19-37 4
Who is the Amateur Archaeologist? William A. Turnbaugh 38-42 4
Artifacts   46-47 4
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 50 1950


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
A Ball Headed Club From the Eastern Woodlands in the Collections of the Horniman Museum, London M. J. Becker 1-8 1-2
Seneca Cabin Site: Historic Component of the Venatta Site (30CA46) Stanley W. Lantz 9-41 1-2
Scott Brothers Earthenware Pitcher Christine Davis 42-44 1-2
Notes on the Possible Cultural Affiliation of Monongahela Richard L. George 45-50 1-2
Marietta Works, Ohio, and the Eastern Periphery of Fort Ancient Jeffrey R. Graybill 51-60 1-2
The Defenses at Indian Fort Road, Tompkins County, New York ("An ancient fortification in Tompkins County, N.Y. "-revisited) David M. Jones and Anne Jones 61-71 1-2
BOOK REVIEW: Ohio River Environmental Assessment Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Technical Report for the State of Kentucky Portion. By A. T. Bader, J. E .Granger, P . J . Diblasi, B . K. Sudhoff and L. Seig.; Cultural resources of the Ohio River Flood Plain in Illinois. By J . D. Muller and D . M. Davy.; Cultural Resources of the Ohio River Valley in Indiana. By C . A. Munson, W. F. Limp and D. F. Barton; Ohio River Environmental Assessment: Cultural Resources Reconnaissance, Pennsylvania. By J. B .Richardson and R . C . Carlisle;Ohio River Environmental Assessment: Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Report, West Virginia, Prepared by U . S . Army Corps of Engineers;Ohio River Environmental Assessment: Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Report, Ohio. Prepared by U . S . Army Corps of Engineers Robert F. Maslowski 74-77 1-2
BOOK REVIEW: Meadowood Phase Settlement Pattern in the Niagara Frontier Region of Western New York State. Joseph E . Granger, Jr. William J. Parry 74-77  1-2
BOOK REVIEW: The Coastal Archaeology Reader: Selections from the New York State Archaeological Association Bulletin, 1954-1977. Louis Brennan, editor. Jay F. Custer 74-77  1-2
Artifact   80-81 1-2
The Overpeck Site (36BU5) Forks of the Delaware Chapter 14 1-46 3
The Unami Creek Rockshelter William Strohmeier 1-12 4
Surface Mining and Pennsylvania Archaeology Allen S. Bohnert and Richard L. George 13-18 4
Lenape Archaeology: Archaeological and Ethnohistoric Considerations in light of recent excavations Marshall J. Becker 19-30 4
Excavation of the Bull Run Site 36LY119 James P. Bressler 31-63 4
BOOK REVIEW: Old Pots: Salt-Glazed Stoneware of the Greensboro New Geneva Region Phil Schaltenbrand Robert F. Maslowski 64-65 4
BOOK REVIEW: The White Men: The First Response of Aboriginal Peoples to the White Man. Julia Blackburn. Larry Van Horn 64-65 4
BOOK REVIEW: Early Man , Winter 1 979, A Magazine of Modem Archeology, Stuart Struever W. Fred Kinsey, III 64-65 4
Artifact   68-71 4